Health and Hemp Extract

Join us for this FREE informative presentation about the health benefits and  business of broad spectrum hemp extract with Dr. Erin Pollinger. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
2-4PM @The Balm of Pescadero

Health Benefits and Business




Learn about the various health benefits of hemp products on the market and the science behind how it works.

Look at the market trends in the hemp industry and the variety of products coming on the market.

Discover a new opportunity for health and financial freedom as an affiliate for sharing hemp extract in the new and rapidly growing wellness market.

Meet Dr. Erin Pollinger

After having found my first Network Chiropractor at age 19 and having it so profoundly change my life, I enrolled in Chiropractic School and graduated when I was 24. The past 16 years of serving in this way has been a huge gift, and supporting people to feel amazing in their bodies and lives is what I am all about! The changes that I see in my patients as a result of being under Network Care blow me away every time I am in the office and I feel so grateful to witness the level of transformation and awakening that I do.  I currently own and run Soulwave Chiropractic Studio, in Ashland, Oregon.

After being in practice for 13 years, I began to have a hunger to work more deeply with people and take the work that we were doing on the table more tangibly out into life. It was then that I created my Ultimate Alignment Coaching Program and began working with women who desired more freedom in their lives. I now have clients all over the country who I support in creating physical and financial freedom and lives that they are wild and crazy about!

Join us at The Balm of Pescadero for the first wellness workshop of the season for FREE!

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“Wishing you Wellness, Wealth and Wisdom.”