Wellness Events

We have reached out to the local wellness practitioners and other do gooders in the area who are doing amazing things that help to elevate the vibe of our community and we have asked them to teach the rest of us a little something about how to integrate more physical, spiritual or environmental wellness into our lives. We generally hold regular wellness workshops every wednesday at The Balm of Pescadero, but we also list collaborative retreats and special events in the community. Check out our upcoming events below and contact thebalmofpescadero@gmail.com to reserve your spot!


Essential Oil Herb Farm and Distillery Tour

w/ Baja Mandala, Pescadero, BCS @ The Balm of Pescadero

January 22, 2019/9AM-12PM

Take a local farm tour with Baja Mandala to learn about organic herb farming and essential oil distillation right here in Pescadero. You will be guided behind the scenes of the local Baja Mandala Essential Oil company to learn about their plant nursery, organic composting and bug spray, the local diversity, walk through the mango and avocado orchards, berry fields and end up at the packing plant where you will get to experience the distillation process of the essential oils themselves.

Cost: Farm Tour Only $600 MXN OR Farm Tour and Gift Bag Workshop $1375 MXN

MORE INFO COMING SOON. Email thebalmofpescadero@gmail.com to RSVP.  Space is limited.

BLOOM BAJA: Yoga, Pottery and Art Journaling Retreat

w/ Emilie Eldridge, Stephanie Friedman and Zoë Dearborn @ Hotelito, Todos Santos, BCS

March 22-28, 2020

Enjoy a 6 night stay at the vibrant boutique hotel Hotelito in Todos Santos. All meals included, 48’ saltwater swimming pool and beautiful surroundings. 10 min walk to the beach in the shade of the old Mango trees. Daily yoga classes with Emelie Eldridge will explore the practice of traditional Hatha Yoga, grow through yoga asanas, meditation, breath work and yogic philosophy. Daily Pottery instruction with Stephanie Friedman, who seeks to inspire her students in finding their own voice through clay and sparking creativity. You will be able to make multiple pieces, which could be every day functional items or ceremonial objects. Participants will also have the opportunity to construct a small clay altar. Art Journal classes guided by Zoë Dearborn. Zoë’s Art Journal classes strive to help us create meaning, awaken creativity and develop a compassionate and curios approach to life.

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Women Awakening

@ Cuatro Vientos, Todos Santos, BCS

December 6-8, 2019

A uniquely unifying weekend of interactive experiences, movement practices and ceremonies organised and delivered by local residents and guests.  This year's theme is Radiant Love: The Full Spectrum.  ❤️

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@ The Balm of Pescadero

December 11, 2019/6-9PM

A fun community celebration for physical, spiritual and environmental wellness. We will be hosting this night market to help bring more awareness around ZEROWASTE and WELLNESS that help make a healthy and happy community.  Drinks will be available by donation to The Tractor Project to help minimize the toxic burning of trash at the local dump. But be sure to BRING YOUR OWN CUP!! As we want to help minimize single use plastics and other unnecessary garbage.

More Info and Full Moon Night Market Facebook Event

SANGHA Yoga Festival Todos Santos

@ Cuatro Vientos, Todos Santos, BCS

January 10/11/12, 2020

This festival has been maturing with the years and previous experiences and has today as objective to strengthen ties with the members of the community of bajamx and the world and offer a diversity of practices that help each individual to find their personal path. Meditation, Ayurveda, meditation circles, yoga for children, restorative, yin, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, among other 20 different activities will be happening in these 4 days of the festival. ❤️

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Mala Making

w/ Suzi @ The Balm of Pescadero

December 18, 2019/2-5PM

Malas aren’t just beautiful, trendy pieces of jewelry, they are used as a tool to help the mind focus on meditation or to count mantras.  Join this fun and interactive, meditative-art workshop to learn about the history and significance of Japa Malas, set our personal intention & prayer into each bead and knot, create your own 108 gemstone mala & tassel and practice meditating with your new mala so that you are refreshed with a renewed mind and spirit.  The workshop is designed with everyone in mind, yogis and non-yogis alike. We keep the energy light & the learning simple so that all feel welcome.

Cost: $700 pesos

MORE INFO COMING SOON. Email thebalmofpescadero@gmail.com to RSVP.  Space is limited.


Herbal Medicine Level 2: Medicinal Plant ID Walk in La Sierra de La Laguna

w/ Omar Piña of NAHOA and Local Guide Catarino Lopez @ Rancho San Dionisio

December 5, 2019/7AM-6PM

The next level of this herbal workshop takes you on a full day of exploration of the raw natural habitat of some of the previously identified medicinal plants in the nature reserve of La Sierra de La Laguna and a cultural journey with a local ranchero who has utilised these plants while raising his family and working in remote areas of the Sierra.  Together, Omar and Catarino, share extensive and authentic knowledge about the medicinal qualities and uses of desert plants.  Enjoy a rugged hike through the desert mountain landscape, guided meditation in nature, with a traditional lunch and making more medicine back at the ranch.

Cost: $3000 pesos (50% deposit required by Nov. 20, 2019)

MORE INFO COMING SOON. Email thebalmofpescadero@gmail.com to reserve your spot. Space is limited.


Herbal Medicine Level 1: Make Your Own Herbal Medicine and Kit

w/ Omar Piña of NAHOA Regreso Al Origin @ The Balm of Pescadero

December 4, 2019/9AM-3PM

Get a to know the local plants of the Baja desert landscape, their history and the traditional medicinal qualities.  Let Omar lead you on this experiential journey of traditional Mexican medicine and how to stay connected to the healing qualities of different local plants.  Learn the basics of how to make your own natural plant healing kit at home and get started with NAHOA's custom medicine kit that you will prepare in class.  This workshop is truly a magical and informative experience!

Cost: $2000 pesos (50% deposit required by Nov. 20, 2019)




New Moon Intention Setting and Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelette

w/ Holly Bishop of Gypsea's Beach Life Boutique @ The Balm of Pescadero

November 27, 2019/2-4PM

  • During this workshop we will harness the energy of the New Moon to help you take charge of your destiny, to lead with your heart and to live as your most authentic self, as well as create a beautiful and unique piece of wearable art that you can infuse with your Positive New Moon Energy and favorite essential oils!

Cost: $300 pesos

More Info Coming Soon. Email thebalmofpescadero@gmail.com to RSVP.  Space is limited.


Prime My Body CBG: Health and Hemp Extract

w/ Dr. Erin Pollinger @ The Balm of Pescadero

November 20, 2019/2-4PM

Join us for this informative talk about this new HEMP product, RECEPT, the technology used and the benefits.  RECEPT delivers a broad spectrum of seven active terpenes and multiple phytocannabinoids including the highest amounts of CBG (cannabigerol) in a hemp extract on the market today.  Learn about the benefits of this new Prime My Body HEMP product and how to get involved with recently opened distribution in Mexico as a business opportunity.

Cost: FREE