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To support and enhance the local community vibration through providing authentic resources for physical, spiritual and environmental wellness products and services.

About The Balm of Pescadero

The inspiration to develop The Balm of Pescadero concept began in the summer of 2017 when the founder, Sandra Wohlers, was looking for ways to provide a community service that had a positive purpose, a promising market for success and integrated the various aspects of passion and experience from her background in environmental consulting, sustainability, yoga, ayurveda, travel and hospitality.

The initial approach was simply to create a local resource for three things:

  1. Natural self care products
  2. Made in Mexico
  3. Low waste

The brick and mortar location of The Balm of Pescadero opened the doors on December 1, 2018.  And the general focus quickly became that of physical, spiritual and environmental wellness.

In less than a year of operation and over a decade of living in Pescadero I have learned so many things! And in the process I have listened to the community about the desire for wellness resources, observed the developmental changes and activities in the local area and been aware of the global movement and growing market in wellness travel. For this reason I decided to expand the vision to include a Wellness Practitioner Network and regular Wellness Workshops .

For Customers

We want to connect you with some of our best kept secrets in local wellness resources so that you can get the support you need for integrating wellness into your lifestyle or even if just while on vacation.  Come to The Balm of Pescadero to let us help you find a dose of healing medicine that will enhance your local experience and personal evolution. 

For Practitioners

Therapists, teachers, coaches, alternative healers and spiritual guides of Pescadero and Todos Santos are invited to join The Balm Wellness Practitioner Network as a member.  Enjoy the benefits of being part of the local wellness community and support network for more exposure and collaboration opportunities while still working independently in paradise.

The Balm Thanks You

It brings a deep feeling of gratitude and joy to offer you and the local community services from The Balm of Pescadero, whether it is in the form of natural wellness products from our store location or through our network of local wellness services. This is a personal invitation for you to enjoy the local wellness services and be a part of building a community that focuses on physical, spiritual and environmental wellness.

“Wishing you wellness, wealth and wisdom.”

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Sandra Wohlers - The Balm